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The Pathology North (Hunter) has provided a Q Fever vaccination service since October 1995. Since commencement, more than 5,000 people have attended the clinics. The program has provided evidence of considerable previous Q fever exposure amongst a wide variety of rural occupations including farmers, stockmen, vets, across all age groups, males and females. Prevalence of Q fever reactivity on blood or skin testing has varied from 20-35% across these different groups. When questioned, many of these people recall past illness that may have been caused by Q fever. The service is managed by the Division of Microbiology, Dr John Ferguson.

The cost of vaccination is to be met by the client or their employer. The modest cost is not refundable under Medicare, however the cost of vaccination can usually be claimed as a work-related expense for income tax return purposes. For information about charges, please contact tel. +61 2 4921 4444.

At the first visit, blood for Q fever serology is taken and an intradermal skin test is administered. At the second visit, the skin test is read and clients who show negative results for skin and serology tests are then offered vaccination.

Clinics are conducted regularly at the John Hunter/RNC Hospital medical outpatients, Newcastle, NSW Australia (see below). Ad hoc clinics can be set up if required at offsite locations (usually where more than 10 people need to be vaccinated). Vaccination can be provided to international clients- please contact Dr Ferguson by email.

NB: Children identified in a high risk category, 11-15 years can be vaccinated if parental consent is provided. Childhood Q fever is usually asymptomatic though occasionally chronic illness can occur.

Q Fever Information

Clinic Dates

Clinics are held on Fridays at 12.00pm. Patients receiving the vaccination are required to attend consecutive Fridays as set out here.




Q Fever 20th & 27th


Q fever 17th & 24th


Q fever 17th & 31st (2 weeks apart)


Q fever 21st & 28th 


No clinics


Q fever 2nd & 9th


Q fever 21st & 28th


No clinics


No clinics


No clinics


No clinics


No clinics              




Contact the Clinic on (61) 02 4922 3446 to make an appointment.


North Block, Outpatients Clinic
Royal Newcastle Centre
John Hunter Hospital

For more information contact Dr John Ferguson.

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