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Patient Information Sheets

Some pathology tests require you to follow instructions to ensure the test provides an accurate result. Below are instruction sheets to assist you with  the preparation.

24 HR Blood Pressure Monitor - Patient Agreement

Patient Sheet - ECG Holter_Monitor 11.08.16 (2)

Patient Sheet - Holter Monitor Study

Holter Monitor Diary

Patient Sheet - 50G Glucose Challenge Test During Pregnancy

Patient Sheet - 75 Gram Oral Glusose Tolerance Test

Patient Sheet - Fasting Instruction Guidlines 31 May 2016

Patient Instruction FOB

 Patient Sheet - Faeces Specimen Collection


 Patient Sheet - Fasting Two Hour Urine Test

Patient Sheet - Mid Stream Urine Specimen Collection

Patient Sheet- Instructions for Paediatric Urine Collection

Patient Sheet - Stone Screen Urine Collection

 Patient Sheet - TEST DIET 24 Hour Urine Histomine Estimation_Diet

 Patient Sheet - First Pass Urine Collection

Patient Sheet - Three Day Urine Collection

Patient Sheet - Timed Overnight Urine Collection

Patient Instruction 24 hour Urine Collection

 Patient Sheet - Helicobacter Pylori Breath Test

Patient Sheet - Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis Patient

 Patient Sheet - Semen Analysis Patient

Patient Sheet - Sputum for Acid Fast Bacteria

Patient Sheet - Post Venepuncture Care


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